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Why do we love Home Education so much?

 We are a family that was as traditional as they come – mum, dad, two boys. When our oldest boy was still very young we were happy with the education that was provided by the local education authority. As he became older and more curious it became plain to us that our son was becoming more and more lethargic at school. He was bored with the work they gave him and seemed constantly unsatisfied with the information being given to him about all subjects.

We carried on educating him further when he got home and provided him with more advanced materials. When his school was providing him with picture books with a few large words per page, he was reading children’s and young adult novels at home. One month my wife and I made a concerted effort to ask what was going on during the school day, not only from our son but other children and other parents. On very bad days, days of watching commercial (not educational) animated films and enforced religious worship, there amounted to only 2 hours of engaging with actual subjects in a full school day.

It seemed to us that we could provide our son with a lot more in the time that he was spending at school.
We could provide attention that the teachers could not give him, overwhelmed as they were with paperwork and the sheer number of pupils. Our son was graded quite low on his report despite achieving the highest possible result in his SAT’s. He also received a bad grade for music despite being a graded violin and piano player, something the school was completely unaware of despite us telling them multiple times and participation in concerts at that very school.

They seemed surprised when we told them these things but refused to acknowledge any culpability. They also were only willing to speak to us for 5 minutes each term and would not allow any extra discussion or contact. We’re by no means overbearing parents and in fact are very laid back, yet the school remained obtusely unco-operative in all respects. After a period of fruitless attempts at discussion we were left with only one option.

Home Education was the only possible choice for us.

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If you like our site, share it with your friends

If you like our site, share it with your friends.

After we made the decision, everything got easier. We bought a curriculum from a company that supplies education materials to over 200 private schools in the UK. Just looking at the content of these books made us realise how cursory and simplified the national curriculum is. Our son was much happier with the increased content and the quality of the material. He actually was challenged by some of it where he had been challenged by nothing at school.

These books (targeted at an eight year old) were teaching the periodic table, ancient Sumeria, Mesopatamia and creative writing. They actively detailed world geography, taught advanced mathematic subjects such as algebra and trigonometry. We supplemented them with our own knowledge and extra materials and resources we sought out on line. Our older son was enthralled with the materials and soaked up knowledge at an impressive rate, mainly due to the one-on-one attention he was receiving which meant he could ask questions about any point until he completely understood it.

Our younger son who was pre-school age began picking up information from the lessons too, giving him a head start. At four years old he has an impressive vocabulary and knowledge of school age subjects. We decided that to send him to school at this stage would be a backwards step for him and so now he too is learning at home, alongside his brother.

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