'100 Steps For Science :Why It Works And How It Happened'

100 Steps For Science :Why It Works And How It Happened

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‘100 Steps For Science :Why It Works And How It Happened’ by Lisa Jane Gillespie & illustrated by Yukai Du.

This is a stunning new book from one of the most innovative publishing houses around – Wide Eyed Editions. This is a non fiction science book written by a doctor of chemistry, this expertise gives this title substance. There is nothing dumbed-down in this educational heavyweight of a book.

The information is presented as ten key scientific discoveries with ten breakthrough moments identified within those. Children meet the scientists who have shaped our world and learn about the great discoveries which have pushed humanity forward. The use of timelines and illustration breaks the information up into more easily absorbed chunks preventing it from being too dry for young readers.

Key topics from medicine and materials to sound and energy are covered in detail, in full colour and in a fun way.

The book explores how scientific discovery and understanding has evolved over time giving context to recent developments. Sections start with the observations made by early civilisations and run through history until reaching the most up-to-date discoveries.

The ‘Particles’ section begins with atoms and how ancient Indian scholars believed everything was made of little building blocks until Democritus in the 5th Century BC gave them the name atomos. It then discusses how Ernest Rutherford discovered proof that the nucleus exists before finishing the journey at CERN where readers learn about current sub-atomic particle theory.

Each scientific topic is handled with the same level of  expertise and attention to detail.

‘100 Steps For Science :Why It Works And How It Happened’ delivers core scientific topics in an interesting, digestible way. The colourful illustrations and diagrams help cement the concepts in children’s minds. The periodic table is presented in a friendly drawn style as is the classification of species – it takes the scary out of science.

‘100 Steps For Science :Why It Works And How It Happened’ is a must have for all budding scientists. It comes with a big recommendation from us.¬†

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Disclaimer : The book was provided for free for the purpose of this review but I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. The views and opinions expressed are my own.




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