3/2/14 – A Positive Lifestyle Change & Learning About Whales.

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Today was Paul’s first day working from home and it was a good day. It has seen our home school routine change in a very positive way. The boys have been happy to have their dad around all day and even when he has been working in his study they have been able to feel his presence in the house. They have been wearing smiles all day.

The Monday morning reading session was replaced with a PE session today which had an energising effect upon us all. Theo and his dad were up and out early on their cross country run leaving Tristan and I time to tidy, prepare breakfast and have a one to one reading session. We read three versions of ‘Little Red Riding Hood ‘ beginning with our favourite Grimm story and then reading two books from the library. I have reviewed one of these on my Bedtime Story post as we decided to read it again tonight. Tristan still prefers the original gory tale. We went on to talk about ‘stranger danger’ as child safety naturally follows from ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. 

 Breakfast & books. 

We talked about what he would do if a stranger tried to grab him or entice him into a vehicle. I used the ‘Play Safe – Never Go With A Stranger’ book by Dr Bill Gillham. This is a simple book which illustrates how a child should react in various situations. Tristan practiced shouting ‘NO!’ and ‘Stranger Danger!’ He didn’t ask why a stranger would want to hurt him because he is only young. He just accepted that this could happen and learnt what to do if it did. 

A good resource.

Theo and his dad had showers and got changed before sitting down to breakfast. We all discussed what we wanted to achieve during the day which made us feel very focused. 
Paul went off to his study and the boys got down to some Maths work.
Theo worked on the end of chapter revision exercise from his Maths text book. He finished his second exercise book since July which made him smile. We have ordered some more. 
He also completed a division puzzle from a wonderful new resource we have from Brain Box Games. The ‘Division Explorer’ puzzle book is an excellent tool for making Maths exciting. Theo is really enjoying working his way through the quests. I will review this resource in more detail soon.
A great way to practice division skills. 

Maths exercise.

I put four of Tristan’s number discs on the table. Two had the numbers showing and the other two had the words showing. I asked him to place the correct number of Zoob toys on each disc. He read the word ‘six’ and ‘two’ successfully. He managed to correctly count out the toys. We used the discs and Zoobs to do some simple adding and subtraction sums.

Zoob Maths.

Another change to our routine was that Paul was able to drive Theo to music centre today. This gave us all more time at home and also gave Theo more energy for his violin lesson. Paul enjoyed taking him and listening to him play.
Tristan and I had another one to one session which was brilliant. We used the animal workbook that we have created and began learning about mammals. He listened as I read to him about the characteristics of mammals and correctly told me that he is a mammal because he has warm blood. We looked at information about monkeys and he coloured in a picture to stick in his workbook. 
We looked at new book we have called ‘Animal Lives – Whales’ by Sally Morgan from QED books. 

A very interesting read.

Tristan was amazed that these beautiful creatures are mammals and not fish. He was very interested to find out about the different ways of eating which whales have. We found useful resource from ‘Homeschool Share’ about whales and we printed off two pockets to make for his workbook. The first was for toothed whales and the second was for baleen whales. He placed different species of whale in the correct pouch. The book helped us to distinguish which whale should go where.
He really enjoyed looking at the clear pictures in the book. He was fascinated with the blowhole and pretended that he was a whale by blowing large raspberries. We will continue learning about whales over the next few days as he is very interested in them. Theo will enjoy this book as well and he will use it to do a whale fact file soon. QED books have a few other ‘Animal Lives’ titles which are great resources for home school project work. We will be ordering the ‘Giraffe’ book soon as Tristan is captivated by them and we can use it to make a fun fact file. 

Cutting out information for his book. 

A good mornings work.

Theo and his dad returned after a successful violin lesson. We all sat together and had our lunch which was lovely. Tristan found a balloon and tried to blow it up for quite some time. In the end Paul obliged but let it go zooming around the room rather than tying it. The laughter was loud and infectious. Paul kept blowing it up and letting it go and the giggles kept coming. It was an enormously fun lunch time.

 Balloon fun.

Ha ha! 

I took the boys to the park for an outdoor playtime. We had fun climbing trees and playing in the shelter which they made yesterday. 

Chasing his brother.

So high.

It was bitterly cold so we returned home after half an hour for hot drinks. Theo read the next extract about trains from his English text book to Tristan and I. He then completed the next exercise.
Busy working.

Tristan completed a diary entry. He drew a picture of the shelter he made yesterday with his dad in the woods and he also wrote ‘my den’. He was so proud of his work that he went running upstairs to show his dad. He then sat and read some of his favourite books with me.

It has been a wonderful day for us all. Paul is much more relaxed and he has been excited by spending time with his boys. Our decision to make another massive lifestyle change has been affirmed today. We are all together and we are all happier for it. 
It is our home education group session tomorrow and we are all excited about the activities that we have planned. I look forward to sharing these with you tomorrow.


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