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5 Reasons to Hate Home Education – Just A Little Bit

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Home education is a legal option in the UK  and you’ll find home education communities in towns and cities from coast to coast. Families are free to adopt educational philosophies which best suit their children, which play to their ambitions and aspirations.  What ever the reason people turn to home education initially for many it becomes a wonderful way of life with one thing in common with all parents – wanting what is best for their child. Some of the added bonuses to home education are almost too good to be true – so good that some might say they are a wee bit jealous. 

Here are just 5 of the added benefits to home education:

1.No School Runs

I remember the hectic, stress-fest that was getting my eldest son to school many years ago. I remember the shouty mum I became at 8 am each morning as I tore my hair out over another missing shoe or tie or bag. From shaking awake dreaming children to waving them goodbye at the gate the school run is plain hard work. It messes with your emotions at a time of day when all you should be doing is sipping a hot drink and rubbing the sleep from your eyes. Other than on the rarest of occasions, home educating parents don’t have to experience the school run.

2. Natural Wake Up

The older children get the grumpier they become if they miss out on sleep. I am not at all sure if that is scientific fact but it certainly feels like it should be. It is bad enough when they are tiny, fluffy headed little lumps but when they hit 9 it is more and more like walking a sleeping troll. Waking a sleeping child is not pleasant at the best of times but waking them to tell them to get ready for school is extra tough. Home educated children can sleep until they are fully rested which reduces not only grumpiness but the dark circles too. A well rested child is in a much better frame of mind for learning as they aren’t clouded by the fog of tiredness.

3. No Uniform

No uniform means no expensive layout for blazers, blouses, badges and overpriced school shoes – school shoes I said not trainers. That isn’t to say that specialist clothing is never required for home educated children. There are still sports clubs, scouts, brownies and such like to buy for but these are without the addition of day-to-day uniform expense. The savings can go towards other educational supplies or trips.

4. No Expensive Holidays

This is a big one for parents and one which seems frightfully unfair. Term time holidays are super expensive and although the fines for taking children out of school have been lifted, most parents are confined to the summer months for vacations. Home educators have the option to go on holiday as a family all year round which cuts the cost drastically. Home educators can take advantage of out of term special offers which means that for the price of one peak time holiday you can often afford two trips away a year. Home educators can come together for group holidays and educational residential trips because they can take advantage of savings.

5. Free Rein at the Museum

This is one of our personal favourites. Visiting places of interest, museums, galleries,stately homes, castles and even the local library is much easier during term time. Home educators aren’t restricted to weekend visits either which means that they have the venue pretty much to themselves during quiet weekdays. The added extra with this is that curators are free to lend an ear to home educated children giving them access to information they would normally miss out on. There is no jostling to see the exhibit – the lack of crowds makes any trip an educational delight.

These are just a handful of the reasons you may be forgiven for disliking home educators just a smidgen and we haven’t even touched on any of the educational  and personal benefits for children – those I think call for another post. For now you must excuse me as I am off to visit  a not over crowded museum with some home educating friends. 

What is the thing that you love most about home education? Let me know and  I may include it in my follow up post – with credit to you of course!




  1. Caroline Taylor

    I’ve just spent the last 2 hours in a ball pit with a pal we only really see during school hols (it’s half term here). It. Was. Hell.
    I’m home and having a family size bag of kettle chips to steady my nerves.

    We were at the museum earlier this week and a staff member said we were the best group he had seen doing a particular museum challenge. One of the reasons is because the parents were having as much fun as the kids and it all made for a wonderful atmosphere – that’s my favourite part of home ed, sharing it with the kids.

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