A Review of EdPlace – An Online Educational Resource (includes discount code)

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Edplace is a wonderful educational resource for children of all ages.

Edplace is dedicated to helping children learn and getting parents involved with their youngsters education. The company was founded in 2005 and has become a highly regarded educational website. It has been favourably featured in the national press including The Times and Telegraph.

We were given the opportunity to review the resources available by the Edplace team over the last couple of months. Both of my children were given access to their own account which meant that I was able to look at the resources suitable for KS1 aged children, Ks2 and on occasion KS3 (my children are 5 and 10).

I immediately found that the site was easy to understand and very straightforward to use. There is a ‘how to get started’ video which is very comprehensive accompanied by some clear instructions. The pages are visually appealing for students of all ages and piqued my children’s curiosity straight away. The worksheets are all written by experienced teachers and one of the key features is that you can contact EdPlace directly to request a worksheet if it doesn’t already exist.

The aspect I like the best is that as a parent I am intrinsic to the learning process. I choose the worksheets I think are appropriate to my child’s level of learning, assign them and can then offer unique rewards. I can use the worksheets to check that my child has understood a topic that we have covered in one of the three core subjects offered by EdPlace – English, maths or science.

This adaptable & child centred approach is one of the strengths of Edplace

I can search for appropriate worksheets by key stage, topic or National Curriculum which makes work selection super simple. My youngest managed some of the science worksheets aimed at year 1 pupils with ease so I was able to offer him more of a challenge by moving up to the next level of work. This adaptable child centred approach is one of the strengths of Edplace – I can target work for the child incredibly well. For example my 10 year old could handle work aimed at key stage 3 pupils for certain topic areas within science but then reverted to key stage 2 worksheets for topic areas we haven’t yet covered in any depth.

The ability to add rewards to your child’s account is a stroke of genius. The rewards are set by you and can be anything you choose from an extended bedtime to a packet of sweets or even something much grander should you decide that is appropriate. This means that the reward is something which will truly incentivise your child and can be set to be achieved easily after say two worksheets or for an older child after an entire topic area has been covered. My 5 year old was thrilled to reach his reward goal and choose a packet of sweets from the local shop whilst my 10 year old worked tirelessly to achieve his reward of an hour on his favourite game. There’s a lot to be said for the carrot.

I receive emails to my inbox alerting me to my children’s progress which is useful feature.

Aside from obtaining treats my children both really enjoy the worksheets and ask to have time on EdPlace at least once a day. The advantage for a home educator is that I know what selection of worksheets are in my children’s accounts and can leave them to get on with it whilst I get on with some other pressing tasks. I receive emails to my inbox alerting me to my children’s progress which is useful feature. I can then log on to my parents section and check out their progress. I can immediately see if they have struggled with a worksheet which enables me to discuss the topic area with them again and maybe spend more time on that subject before resetting the worksheet to check if they grasp the concept better.

The worksheets are interactive and often multiple choice with clear and fun visuals. My youngest is able to read and answer the questions but for a less confident reader a little parental help might be in required. Children get a big sense of achievement from finishing a worksheet and can instantly see how well they have done. My children aren’t disappointed if they get a few questions wrong rather it fills them with the resolve to try again and better their score. As a family we like to use positive reinforcement so the children are never subjected to negativity in relation to work and EdPlace fits well with this ethos. Children are given gentle tips to help them if they have a question wrong and strongly positive messages when they get them right.

The worksheets take children from key stage 1 right through to year 11 (age 5 – 16) and follow the National Curriculum. The programme is a supplement for school children who can use it to revise the work covered in the classroom. It is an absolutely fabulous resource for home educators and a good way to make sure that your children fully understand the work they are covering at home. There is some useful information on home education on the website (although the lesson planning aspect is based on a school approach and should be taken with a pinch of salt) yet other information is useful especially for those new to home education.

We are delighted to be able to offer a discount code for EdPlace of 20%. This means that if you decide to take out a subscription you will receive the first 14 days for just £1 (their current trial offer) followed by a 20% reduction. EdPlace is usually £10 per month or £66 per year for one subject. For access to all subjects it is £15 per month or £99 per year (prices as of August 2015). A 20% reduction makes rather a nice difference! You can sign up to Edplace and use the unique code HOMEED20 here:

Edplace Sign up – Don’t forget the code!

We recommend Edplace and are looking forward to continuing to use it as part of our home education plan for the coming academic year.

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Disclaimer:We were provided with a three month trial of EdPlace but were under no obligation to give a positive review. The views expressed here are my own.




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