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Birth and Beyond

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I am back with you as the proud mother of three beautiful children. Yes, we now have a gorgeous twelve week old baby girl in our ranks. Finding the time to write has been tricky and whilst I have been itching to blog again, spending time nurturing my baby has come first. We have the additional daily task of home educating the older children too so as you can imagine time is very precious. Before I fill you in on how we are coping as a home educating family with a baby, let me briefly tell you about our daughters arrival.

I was pretty exhausted in the months before the birth and really was hoping for an early arrival. Typically I was a week beyond the due date when I finally felt the first twinges but like many a labouring woman I was in denial. Despite the increasing signs of labour I refused to budge until I had watched to the end of the episode of Downton Abbey that I was transfixed by. When I arrived at the hospital I was 5cm dilated – it’s amazing how distracting a good period drama can be.

instead she was there and it was nothing but raw, tear jerking emotion that took me.

I was shocked to be allowed to use the birthing centre for the very first time as I was classed as low risk. The lighting was ambient, the midwife was wonderful and the huge birthing pool was warm, relaxing and uplifting. Having been confined to a bed when I gave birth to the boys, being left to deliver naturally was an amazing experience. I enjoyed every bit of the experience even the final three contractions which I tackled with gas and air. When my little darling swam up to me through the water and was quickly placed upon my chest I was overwhelmed. There was no pause between the delivery and holding my baby unlike on both occasions previously and it made such an immediate difference. I didn’t get a few moments to compose myself slightly instead she was there and it was nothing but raw, tear jerking emotion that took me. There are no words to describe the powerful love I instantly had and have for her.

We stayed in the pool, still attached to each other for what must have been nearly an hour before I got out and naturally delivered the placenta. The whole affair took just over two hours and was the most perfect, calm birth that I could have wished for.

I refer to her as Little Lady P – P for perfect.

What about home educating? Well, it certainly wasn’t straight back to work for the boys. We took a month to just get used to being a family of five. Bonding and getting used to the new dynamic was important for us all. My eldest is her saviour and protector, my six year old is Mr Entertainment and my husband, he is daddy and elicits smiles, gurgles and deep loving gazes.

We eased back into work towards the end of November and in December we attended a couple of home education events such as ice skating and an art group. We really missed the home education community so earlier this month I signed them up for a number of events and for the previous two weeks we have been out every day.  They have been to coding clubs, an art group, an ongoing history class, attended weekly social gatherings, Tristan has started drama classes and there are all sorts of things scheduled for the coming months.

They have both been enjoying their work at home as well. There is a good deal of coding going on and we bought our eldest an Ozobot for Christmas which he is enjoying getting to grips with. We spend any time they are in the house during the week concentrating on the other subjects. Both boys are now working beyond the level they would be at if they were in school and this presents them with some enjoyable challenges.

Life with three children is hectic, exhausting, hilarious, calm, chaotic, beautiful and full of love. Little Lady P doesn’t follow a routine she just comes along on our adventures in her sling and we stop to breast feed her on demand even if it means doing so on public transport or in the library. I think that tales about boldly breast feeding in public are worth saving for another day…

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  1. Ginny

    Dear Prudence, I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I have found the blog, reviews and resources sections of AIHS really helpful and informative. I’d been interested in home education for a year or so when I stumbled upon your blog – this was before we even had children(!) – and it really reaffirmed for me why we wanted to do it in the future.

    Anyway, our little girl was born this February and I’m looking forward to starting home ed with her when the time comes. Congratulations too on the birth of your beautiful little girl last year.

    All the best,

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