We’re Off To The Bluedot Festival 2017

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The countdown to the Bluedot Festival 2017 has begun. In a matter of hours, we will camp out under the iconic Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank. My children are vibrating like extremely excited molecules. It’s all hands on deck as we prepare for the launch of our favourite family summer festival.

What’s the Bluedot festival all about?

The Bluedot festival is an out of this world experience with a focus on science. There is a series of Dot Talks with journalists, scientists, and politicians set to discuss a variety of topics. The theme this year is climate change so we are expecting to come away with extra knowledge of this subject.The Dot talks promise to have something for everyone even children.

The main stage is called the Lovell stage and sits underneath the beautifully illuminated Lovell telescope.The Pixies and Orbital will be playing alongside a staggering list of performers. The easy-going, friendly atmosphere around the main-stage area means that watching any performance with children is welcomed. Last year I was nervous about staying up a little later than is usual with my children but I needn’t have been. Revelers happily danced along with my young children as we enjoyed some of the acts on the main stage.

Other areas offer an eclectic mix of experimental bands and performers push the limits of art and music. There is folk music, the spoken word, art and food to tantalize your senses.

There are areas where families can get hands-on with science.Scientists and experts will share exciting new discoveries with children. This year there is a light saber training camp the thought of which is causing some serious excitement. My children plan on soldering together their own light-up Bluedot badges and watching pyro-rockets and NASA revolving satellites at one of the kid’s sessions. They have their itinerary sorted out already although on arrival I imagine they will be adding several more events to their already extensive list.

And for the adults…

There is one place I plan on venturing to this time – Mixology. Sampling a molecular cocktail at one of the effervescent cocktail making demonstrations is a treat I can not pass up. I might even be persuaded to seek some rest and relaxation in the new Elevate area where health and well-being is the order of the day. There is a sound relaxation class called Gong Spa which really piques my interest.

One of the best things about the Bluedot festival is that it pushes you to discover new things, to challenge your preconceptions and stand in awe of humanity’s ceaseless innovation. It embodies everything that Sir Bernard Lovell stood for when he created the stargazing telescope over fifty years ago.

Is it suitable for families?

Having attended the first Bluedot festival last year with an eleven-year-old, six-year-old and a new baby I think I am qualified to say yes. We camped for the whole weekend, went to the main stage events, watched the Moomin show, ate, danced and explored together. It was and will always be one of my happiest memories.

The family campsite takes away the stress of festival camping. On this field parents and children are up early to head out for the kid’s activities. The area is away from the other campsite where staying up well into the early hours with friends is more acceptable. The festival toilets are just that – festival toilets. The only plus on the family field is that enough parents visit the loo with anti bac spray and hand sanitizer to make them much more user-friendly.
The science areas and activities are educational and fun. Last year trying to remove my kids from the Minecraft coding and robot programming tent was no easy feat. They were in their element handing rocks from space and listening in to people’s conversations with spy-like equipment. The Bluedot festival is the place for curious kids.

Can I still go?

The festival begins on Friday and finishes on Sunday. There are still a few release 3 tickets available.

If you are tempted then my advice would be to go for it. It is a festival that will not disappoint.

You can check out the ticket prices and book now on the following link.

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