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Why Our Home Education Works

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I’m enjoying our home education adventure this year. It’s taken on a life all of its own, often a little independent of our input. It’s not all model making, crafting and bicarbonate of soda volcanoes anymore ( with the exception of Lady P). Home education has become more about ambitions and aspirations for our eldest child. For our seven-year-old it’s …

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We’re Off To The Bluedot Festival 2017

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The countdown to the Bluedot Festival 2017 has begun. In a matter of hours, we will camp out under the iconic Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank. My children are vibrating like extremely excited molecules. It’s all hands on deck as we prepare for the launch of our favourite family summer festival. The Bluedot festival is an out of this world …

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Born and Bred in Manchester

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I’m born and bred in this colourful city. Like a very good friend of mine said, we’ve experienced bombs and chaos before and we rose up even stronger. The Manchester vigil is the spirit of this city. The homeless man cradling a child and then hugging a woman as she died is the spirit of this city. The woman who …

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How To Get Your Children Moving For A Healthier Future

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Ensuring that your children get regular exercise is important not only for their physical health but also their mental well-being.  It can be difficult to motivate children and especially those over 9 to get up and move so what can you do to encourage them to exercise? Why is it so important? There are guidelines about children and how much …

A Day in the Life – A Video

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Having been asked how we educate when in the home, we take learning into the world quite a lot, I thought a video about a typical day might be a good way to show you. Every day is different but here you can see me prattle on as we learn about physics, pancakes and Tilda Swinton. For the record, my …