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A Guest Post From Antje Timmermann

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Antje Timmermann is mum to two adorable children. Born and raised in Germany where home education is illegal, she now lives in Manchester. Antje owns and runs the Deutschcentre which is a place to learn about Germany and the language. It’s a brilliant resource and somewhere we will be using soon. I asked her to tell me about why she …

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‘Dream Snuffing by Adam Catterall’ taken from the Adam Catterall Blog

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Adam interviewed me last week on Manchester’s Key 103 radio station. This week he has blogged about his views on education and I quite like them. He is concerned that children’s dreams are being quashed by the rigidity of mainstream education. From our first hand experience of school I have to agree with him – dreams are certainly not nurtured. …

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A Guest Post by Melanie Bridge

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Melanie Bridge is a home educating mother of four and the third voice to add to our chorus of guest posters. She kindly agreed to write a guest post for me after I asked if she would be willing to share her thoughts about home educating a child with Special Educational Needs. Being the helpful, positive person that she is ...

A Guest Post by Fiona Nicholson

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We thought it would be interesting on the site to get brief perspectives from experienced home educators, what they do and why they do it. The first person kind enough to write a guest post is Fiona Nicholson. Fiona does a lot of good work to help the home ed community and you can even get in touch with her. Fiona ...