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Why Our Home Education Works

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I’m enjoying our home education adventure this year. It’s taken on a life all of its own, often a little independent of our input. It’s not all model making, crafting and bicarbonate of soda volcanoes anymore ( with the exception of Lady P). Home education has become more about ambitions and aspirations for our eldest child. For our seven-year-old it’s …

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Home Education In Focus At Manchester Museum

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Today we took part in a focus group at Manchester Museum along with 6 other home educating families. I wanted to share this with you because it was a positive experience. It can be easy to feel annexed by large institutions who seemingly favour school groups within their education provision. Just getting hold of a person willing to discuss a …

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5 Reasons to Hate Home Education – Just A Little Bit

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Home education is a legal option in the UK  and you’ll find home education communities in towns and cities from coast to coast. Families are free to adopt educational philosophies which best suit their children, which play to their ambitions and aspirations.  What ever the reason people turn to home education initially for many it becomes a wonderful way of …

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Inclusion & Kindness – My Response To The Home Education Media Storm

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Over the last couple of days the home educating world has been rocked by an article which originally appeared in The Mirror. The story was then picked up by many of the tabloids and the television equivalent – This Morning. It was a wildly sensationalized article perfect for causing controversy and maintaining newspaper sales as people wait for Trump to …

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A Home Educating September

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October has arrived bringing with it a chill and a whoosh amber autumn leaves. We have a lot of activities pencilled in for this month including an archeological workshop, an archeological dig and a spot of bookmaking in one of England’s oldest libraries. It should be enormously fun and educational as long as we avoid the seasonal illnesses which creep up …

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How This Home Educating Family Spent Their Summer

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When the schools break up for the long summer holidays what do home educators do? I’m not sure about everyone else but I can share with you a little of what we got up to this summer. Some of the families I know carry on with their normal routine, others ditch all the work and some, like us, just go …