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Day 161 – How To Tailor Work To Children Of Different Ages.

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As home educators we had to decide early on how to tackle teaching to children of two different ages. At 3 and 9 the mainstream education system would place them worlds apart for all subjects but we have decided that where possible they will learn together. I plan each session in such a way that the work is tailored to …

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Day 156 – How to Make a Tardis Cake & a Tardis.

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Our Doctor Who themed week continued as we finished the Tardis and made a 50th anniversary celebration cake.  The boys were up, dressed and ready for some more Tardis painting this morning. Theo painstakingly hand painted the signs for the time machine whilst Tristan painted any missed bits on the box.  Tristan carefully painted the gaps. Theo spent time hand …

The Reading List

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The reading list that I have added is a fiction book list. It lists the books that he has read this year although it certainly does not list everything that he has read as it is difficult for us to remember them all. Each fiction book he goes on to read will also be added to the list. Theo will …

What curriculum to follow?

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This is probably the most daunting task when deciding to home school. What is it that you actually teach your child and how do you ensure that the education they are getting is better than they would receive in a school? We looked at various timetabled packs such as ‘structured home learning’, and Oxford Home Schooling Theses and others …