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‘Blame My Brain’ Essential Reading For Teenagers & Parents

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This book is essential reading for teenagers and parents. Nicola Morgan clearly states that she is not a scientist but she is incredibly good at conveying complex scientific information in an easy to digest way. ‘Blame My Brain’ explains the latest theories on why teenagers think and act in different ways to adults. It goes into detail about the way …

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Duvet Weekend – When Mum isn’t Feeling Well

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I haven't been feeling too well so the weekend has been spent mainly snuggled up under a duvet at home. My youngest  unscrewed his toy vacuum cleaner on Saturday so we decided to dig out the Meccano. He spent the best part of Saturday creating a car, I think we have an engineer in the making. They have both played, ...
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Today’s Adventure – Great Grandma & the Great Outdoors

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Today we visited my Grandma, the children's Great Grandma. She will reach 100 years of age in June of this year which is remarkable. Up until recently she was able to hold lucid conversations however the years are starting to take their toll and she spends most of the day sleeping. The children enjoy seeing her despite the fact that ...
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A Fun Way to Learn About Electrical Circuits – Hot Wires

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If you are looking for a resource to help your children learn about electronics then I would recommend the Hot Wires kit. My children really enjoy using the kit and it has become one of their favourite activities to do.   I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. The views expressed here are my own. The review …

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Zooming into Space with Rockets & Comets

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Children are fascinated by space and my boys are no exception. Their bedroom is adorned with glow-in-the-dark stars, planets and space pictures which help them use their imaginations to jet off on space adventures each night and they have an extensive collection of space themed books both fact and fiction. When we received a package from Orchard Toys and opened …

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Homeschool Adventures – Learning About Money

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My youngest son became interested in the concept of money a little while back. He kept receiving change from his Grandparents and wanted to understand how much he had and, more importantly, how many sweets he could buy with it.  I tried a number of unsuccessful techniques for explaining how money works so when Orchard Toys sent us ‘Pop to …