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A Science Kit for Curious Children | The Curiosity Box

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The Curiosity Box is a monthly subscription science kit bursting with hands on activities and experiments for 7-11 year old children. We have enjoyed reviewing one of the boxes – make sure that you take a look at the video clip at the end of the review. The Curiosity Box is the brain child of scientist Renee whose desire is …

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First News – Current Affairs For Children

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2017 has just begun and already it is shaping up to be quite the year for news. Every day seems to carry with it another shock story as political unrest sweeps across the globe. Children are curious about the news and can be heard singing ‘do you wanna build a wall’ with friends but do they really know what is …

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‘A Tower of Giraffes’ – A Charming Read

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‘A Tower of Giraffes – Animal Bunches’ written and illustrated by Anna Wright. This beautifully presented book will be enjoyed by adults and children. The name given to a group of animals is revealed on each page and is accompanied by interesting information about the creatures. The reader will learn the names of some peculiar groups of animals such as …

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‘Blame My Brain’ Essential Reading For Teenagers & Parents

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This book is essential reading for teenagers and parents. Nicola Morgan clearly states that she is not a scientist but she is incredibly good at conveying complex scientific information in an easy to digest way. ‘Blame My Brain’ explains the latest theories on why teenagers think and act in different ways to adults. It goes into detail about the way …

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A Home Educating September

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October has arrived bringing with it a chill and a whoosh amber¬†autumn leaves. We have a lot of activities pencilled in for this month including an archeological workshop, an archeological dig and a spot of bookmaking in one of England’s oldest libraries. It should be enormously fun and educational as long as we avoid the seasonal illnesses which creep up …

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‘Could a Tiger Walk a Tightrope?’ A Roaringly Good Read.

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In this brightly illustrated book children take a fun look at the life of a Bengal tiger. The facts are presented in an amusing and engaging question and answer format. The lighthearted approach to the book helps children retain the information. At the back of the book children can explore a map to see where they live in relation to …

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Where Did The Week Go?

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It’s Saturday already – how is that possible? I’m acutely aware that the weeks will continue to relentlessly speed onwards towards summer 2017. I better get on with this home education palaver post haste. This week has hurtled by with alarming rapidity and I feel a little bit shell shocked. The LEA visit on Tuesday knocked me off my game …

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‘Counting Lions’ Our Children’s Choice Book of the Month

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The book is stunning. Poetically written facts about endangered creatures are complimented by full page charcoal drawings. Virginia McKenna OBE, the founder of the Born Free Foundation, has written the stirring forward. She urges the reader to look at the beauty of animals and do all that we can to save them. One hundred years ago there were 100,000 tigers …

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Bring Science to Life with Two Beautiful Books by Meredith Hooper

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‘The Drop in my Drink – The Story of Water on Our Planet’ and The Pebble in my Pocket – A History of Our Earth’ by Meredith Hooper. It is incredibly hard to do justice to either of these books. Each one is an expertly written, factually accurate science book yet both are poetic and gentle. The incredibly beautiful full …