The Street Beneath My Feet

Children’s Choice Book of the Month | The Street Beneath My Feet

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‘The Street Beneath My Feet’ by Charlotte Gullian and illustrated by Yuval Zommer is our Children’s Choice Book of the Month.

This exquisite book is ideal for curious children keen to discover what wonders lie beneath the pavement. There are two underground landscapes to explore – beneath the city and beneath the countryside. Beginning with the street, the reader will delve deeper and deeper through the layers of rock, alongside pipes, through tunnels, next to fossils and ultimately to the planet core before turning the book over to rise upwards to a bright countryside scene. Each finding is accompanied by a detailed yet easy to understand description. Children will learn what a storm drain is, how limestone forms, what igneous rock is, peer inside a badger sett and be inspired by the work of palaeontologists as well as a multitude of other fascinating facts.

The book is an excellent introduction to geology, archaeology and natural history for young children. The continuous illustration over twenty pages is packed with details which will keep young children thoroughly engaged. The innovative fold-out nature of the book means that children can lie it flat on the floor and trace their route down through the layers.

Children will be transfixed by the intricate pictures and fun facts. My seven year old is fascinated by the information found on the pages of this beautiful book. As we have walked along our street we have talked about the things that lurk beneath our feet – he has been enthused to learn more about our planet because of this title. If you are looking for a book to spark an interest in new topics or to supplement school or home education work then this is a must have.

This is a large format, hard-backed title published by Words & pictures is a book to treasure. It will be pored over time and time again – it is a magnificent choice for children.


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The Street Beneath My Feet‘ is available from March 23rd from all good bookshops and is priced at £14.99



Disclaimer: We were sent this book for free but were under no obligation to give positive review. The views and opinions here are my own. 




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