A complete year long study.

Exploring Nature With Children – A Complete Year Long Curriculum

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This brand new curriculum will take your family on a year long exploration of the natural world. Together you will observe seasonal changes, learn facts about the natural world and gain a deeper appreciation of the beauty all around you.

‘Exploring Nature With Children’ by Lynn Seddon is a detailed and thoughtfully constructed curriculum. Lynn is a home educating parent who has an absolute love of nature and wanted other families to experience the outdoors in the inspiring way that she has done with her own children.

The curriculum is incredibly easy to follow for parents. Each month is broken down into four lessons with the course covering an entire year. Each month follows exactly the same format and includes a nature walk itinerary, a book list, a seasonally appropriate poem, an art work and a selection of extension activities. The book list can be looked at in advance so that the necessary titles can be ordered from the library in plenty of time. At the beginning of each month there is a page which details what materials will be required for the four lessons enabling you to be incredibly organised.

There are pages which explain how to keep a nature journal, what equipment might be generally useful, how to keep a nature table and much more. The book contains everything that you need to undertake a successful year long nature study with children.

What we particularly like about the publication is that its structure gives you the confidence to deliver fun, engaging and useful lessons to your children.  It can be used with children of all ages and the extension activities differentiate the tasks for both younger and older children.

We have been on many nature walks over the years but have floundered when it came to consistency. We would discuss the things we saw but seldom knew how to take this further at home. This curriculum has solved that problem for us. We know that each walk will have a purpose and will be followed up with interesting lessons at home.

Exploring Nature With Children‘ contains everything that you need to begin your nature adventure. Your children will be excited and inspired to learn about the world around them using this extremely well written and charming book.

The book is normally priced at just under £10 ( the price shows at the dollar rate despite it being an English curriculum) but we have a unique code available which will give you a 30% discount ( this converts to just under £7!) This offer is only available until September 3rd. Simply click the link below and use the code AH15 to obtain your discount.

A sample contents page and lesson are available by clicking on the little blue box on the top right of the page when you follow the link below.

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  1. Leanne

    Purchased, and had a quick skim, it looks fantastic. I have a quick question, do you have any recommendations on field guides to accompany it?

    Many Thanks

  2. Coombe Mill - Fiona Cambouropoulos

    What a wonderful resource for outdoor nature and science for children. I love the idea of the nature journal and water table. I hope the book goes really well for you, a great opportunity for families and schools to understand the natural outdoors more. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  3. Lainey

    I purchased this today, however I can’t seem to open it on my phone. Does it need to be opened on a computer? Also do I receive a link to the pdf in my paypal email account?

    1. Author

      I’ve checked and most people seem to have opened it on their phone without issue. Is try a laptop but if you are still unsuccessful let me know. Lynn can email you the PDF if needs be

  4. Katrina Mansaray

    Hi, is this book aimed at a certain age range? It looks fab but wondering how suitable it is for 13 year old.

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  6. Pippa

    Hi, I am trying to purchase Exploring Nature with Children with the discount code. It keeps saying the code doesn’t work? Thank you. Pippa

  7. Amanda

    Hi. I purchased this a while ago but have not received an email copy. Can you please check your records and confirm that you have received my payment? Thank you. Amanda

    1. Author

      Hi Amanda. I will forward your email address over to the author. I am sure she will resolve any issues with you very quickly. Thanks

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