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2017 has just begun and already it is shaping up to be quite the year for news. Every day seems to carry with it another shock story as political unrest sweeps across the globe. Children are curious about the news and can be heard singing ‘do you wanna build a wall’ with friends but do they really know what is going on? As parents what can we do to help them wrap their brains around some of the most complicated world events without scaring them or tainting them with our own opinions?

First News is a newspaper for children between 7 -14 years of age and presents current affairs in easily digestible segments.  My children occasionally watch the news with me or listen to me read from the broadsheets. The issue with this, especially for my seven year old, is that political jargon is used with the assumption  that you already understand it. I forget that some terms mean absolutely nothing to children so that they quickly lose interest in the story. First News alleviates this by explaining difficult concepts in a simple and responsible manner.

As the world news agencies covered the inauguration of the 45th president of the United of America, First News began by explaining what the word inauguration means. By carefully providing this level of information the newspaper helps children relate to the news, to the events which will shape their future. Difficult topics are treated with care ensuring that although they tackle darker stories they do so without causing distress.

Each week the newspaper covers news events from the UK and around the world. The articles are engaging in both content and presentation. There are bite-sized top line stories which hook children and spark conversation such as the regular ’20 Things To Know And Tell’ feature and the ‘Week’s News In Pictures’.  My children frequently enter into heated debates because of something they have read from one of these sections – it makes the news relevant to them. World news is presented on a colour coded map which contextualises the information and often features an ‘Our World’ interview with a child from another country.

First News contains puzzles, quizzes and cartoons – it balances the news with fun educational activities. My seven year old will read the paper from cover to cover which is fantastic for his literacy and concentration. Reading First News has given him confidence because he is able to understand what the adults around him are talking about. When my husband and I are chatting about events the children will happily chip in and voice their opinion. First News has empowered them both.

First News have set up a discount code so that you can trial the newspaper for five weeks for just £1. After that the price is just £15.99 every 3 months if you choose to continue with the subscription and most families do. There is no obligation though so you can email or call to cancel at any point. Click here to access the trial offer with the code BLOG17.

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 Disclaimer: First News have provided review copies for us but we are under no obligation to provide a positive review. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.



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