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Hire Prudence Clarke Home Education Writer and Blogger

My name is Prue. I am a freelance writer and Fine Artist who also happens to be a home-educating mother and a co-founder of the Art charity, “Unlimited Minds”.

My blog which specialises in the subject of home-education, it’s place in a larger context and home-school methodology is part of the much larger site Adventures in Homeschool (adventuresinhomeschool.com).

In the blog I write about the experiences and adventures of my family as we progress though our home-education journey, the materials/methods we use and their success.

My background is one of painting as I was degree level trained in Fine Art Painting at Lancaster University. I was a buyer for several years which has endowed me not only with an eye for a winning product line but also the ability to work to tight deadlines in a high-pressure environment. When I work I will always hit the deadline – always.

A work life balance is hugely important for our family. Writing and blogging has provided me the perfect way to achieve the balance we crave and best of all it is something I really enjoy.

I am available for hire as a freelance writer and blogger in both printed and digital mediums. If you are looking for someone to write to a schedule or as a one-off then please get in touch. I am happy to write on a number of topic areas and can either give a piece in my own style or adapt to the tone-of-voice of your site or publication.

I am available to review products, services and experiences and will always do so with integrity. The reviews I write will be lively and full of content – I take review writing very seriously yet write in a relaxed, approachable and conversational style. 

You can also hire advertising space on the home page of this site and not as just a small afterthought in someone’s side-bar; we can offer much more creative solutions to organisations that reflect the needs and interests of our visitors. We include design to make your piece integral to our site design, making it more appealing to our visitors. If your project doesn’t fit into any of our categories, please contact me and we can discuss your needs. 

To hire a blogger, a writer or reviewer please feel free to contact me using the form here.

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Hire a Designer, Art Director and Photographer.

Hire Paul Clarke Designer, Art Director, Writer, Photographer, Web PR and SEO.

My name is Paul. I am a freelance Designer, Artist, Writer and Photographer and co-founder of the children’s Art Charity, “Unlimited Minds”.

Our family’s blog focusses on home-education which is a subject close to our hearts, as we educate our own children. We were very disappointed with state provided education and decided we could do much better than anything in our local area. Read all about our reasons and experiences on our blog site, ‘Adventures in Homeschool’ (adventuresinhomeschool.com), which also provides great marketing opportunities to providers of relevant educational products.

My background is one of a Fine Artist, having qualified from the prestigious Interactive Arts course at MMU in Manchester. I have a thirst for learning and over the years in addition to my degree have completed further training in Art Direction, Publishing Methodology, Illustration, Photography, Copywriting and multiple code languages.

I have worked in the design industry for 20+ years, over 10 of which have been as an Art Director and Creative Lead on various commercial and retail projects most recently for fashion brand High & Mighty, Williams & Brown (it’s budget counterpart) and The Kids Division, a brand new proposition for which I visualised and executed the entire brand ethos.

I currently run a Boutique Design, Photography and (web) PR Agencycreativeclarke.com – which specialises in designing leading edge HTML5 and CSS3 websites like this one without the huge overheads of a large design agency. We use freelancers as required to keep costs to an absolute minimum. As well as HTML5 and CSS3, we also work in PHP and Javascript for true web development and can interact securely with MySQL databases. For those that need to have more ongoing input in their website we are experienced in very popular low-cost CMS systems such as WordPress and Drupal. We are also experienced in SEO and building lasting value on the web that will not be penalised by search engines.

I am available for hire as a freelance designer (for web and print), Art Director, Studio Photographer, Writer & Copywriter. View my Linkedin profile to see my endorsements.

Please feel free to contact me using the form opposite.

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