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Welcome to the Home Education Link Up


I must apologise for the link-up arriving a little later than is usual this week but I have been rather busy putting the final touches to our new website and arranging the giveaway items. Also our very dear friends came to visit us for a couple of days which was such fun. My boys enjoyed playing with their children and the adults had the chance to catch up as we haven’t seen each other since January. So once again please accept my apologies but as another fabulous home-ed blogger wrote recently ‘life sort of got in the way.’
Last week Lisa from An Ordinary life wrote about her big home-education room tidy and I could really relate to some of her comments. It is looking great though and I wish her luck with the finishing touches!
I was interested to read about Helen from Never the Same 2 Days Running and her families visit to White Scar Cave because it is on our list of ‘places to visit’ too. I am not particularly thrilled by the prospect of visiting the cave but her post helped to make me feel ever so slightly more at ease with the idea of being stuck underground in a big, dark space. Maybe I will postpone the visit for a few more years though.
Tigerchronicles shared their detailed learning plan for 2014/15 with us. It is always interesting to see what other home-ed families are planning for the following year and this is an excellent example.
My blog moves over to the new website next week – keep your eyes open for details of the launch date.
Here are the guidelines for the linky. 
The link-up is for any home-education based post. It could just be a photograph from the week, your favourite post or a note about a particular success. 
If you don’t blog but want to get involved then simply post a comment at the bottom of this post so that we can ‘meet’ you. Nobody wants to click on a link and zoom off to find themselves on an advertising post so please don’t link-up with ads. The only other rule is just the good manners one – keep it clean and polite please.
I am really, really looking forward to reading more fabulous posts this week and meeting other home-educators. Please help spread the word about the linky in in doing so the positive message about home-education.  
Don’t forget to spread a little happiness by reading and commenting on other posts on this link-up.
I wish you all a lovely week. 

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  1. Helen

    What a wonderful website design and great concept for HE bloggers. I still consider myself a novice even though I have been blogging for nearly two years.

    I have been off-duty from blogging over the Summer but will return with a big bump on Thursday when the IGCSE results come in. I hope to be able to share my experiences of home-educating 11-18+ year olds over the coming year. Loads of challenges and new study options that I have not tried before plus follow-up stories and (hopefully) guest posts from my twenty-somethings on life after HE.

    I will certainly make links to this blog 🙂

    Best wishes


  2. Paul Clarke

    Thanks so much Helen 🙂

    We ‘soft-launched’ yesterday in order to iron-out the bugs so until our official launch we’re still in beta – if you notice anything not working or wrong let us know! Come back on the official launch, we’re setting up competitions and givaways to celebrate.

    I’m really looking forward to reading your blog because I don’t personally know many home educators working in that age range. It’s fascinating and valuable to us (and everyone) to read about the far end of the journey so be sure to let us know when you’re up and running and message us with a link to your blog.

    Hope your guys or girls get the results they want from the iGCSE’s.

    All the best 😀

    1. Paul Clarke

      Thanks Lucy. Still lots to do and a few more late coffee-fueled nights yet though!

  3. Paul Clarke

    Everyone is at the moment Sarah, August is such a busy time for HE’rs. Hope your planning is going well 🙂
    We’ve put a link to your site on the blogroll.

  4. Louise Frith

    I love your new-look blog and am having a great time browsing through it. As a former proofreader, I also have an eagle eye for typos – do you want me to let you know if I spot any, as you say you are still ironing out any issues?

    1. Author
      Prudence Clarke

      Louise – thank you so much for the lovely comment and the kind offer.I would be very grateful if you could let me know if there are any typos or any problems with functionality at all. Thank you once again and I really appreciate the support.

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