Homeschool Adventures – ‘Goonies’ & a Nature Book

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We have enjoyed a lovely relaxed week. Theo has been out with his friends playing various Minecraft and zombie apocalypse inspired games. We refer to his group of friends as the ‘Goonies’ as they look comically similar to the cast of the eighties film of the same name. They have a wonderful time building secret hideouts in the trees returning periodically for food, drink and to refuel thier water pistols. 
Tristan has spent the hours out of his brothers company with me in the park and gardening. Over the next few weeks the local children all begin meeting up more frequently and this includes the little ones. The local park is thriving in the after school hours with parents taking it in turns to play with the young children, others bringing cups of tea and as the weather becomes much warmer, having evening picnics- it really is lovely. 
The Easter holiday has been a nice beginning to the start of the local summer activities. 
We have also had some great family bike rides this week. Tristan is still slow but his bike riding is improving so it shouldn’t be long until we can remove the stabilisers – I hope. Theo loves riding with his dad and they both zoom off ahead on little adventures of their own always returning to check on Tristan and I though. 
We came across lots of wildlife this week including a heron. The photograph is pretty poor I’m afraid but I think that you can make it out. Tristan was very excited to stand on the banks of the lake and watch as it waded through the water. We saw more butterflies which the boys proudly identified this week. 
Tristan found a beautiful book in the library this week called ‘ A First Book of Nature’ by Nicola Davies which I highly recommend for anyone wanting to introduce their children to the seasons and nature. The book is beautifully illustrated and has poems, recipes and lists about various aspects of each season from lambs in spring, to den building in the summer, berry crumble making and snow stories in the winter. It perfectly evokes a child’s idea of nature and reminds them about the beauty which is all around. It has provided us with many hours of enjoyment this week – it really is a beautiful book. 
We have enjoyed a gentle, relaxed time in the great outdoors this week – oh and yes – we have seen some spectacular bluebells too. Have you? 

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