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How to Register to Vote | With Helpful Links

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You only have until tomorrow to register to vote. Registering is simple and can be done online using the link below. 

I make it a personal rule to never discuss my political allegiances here as this blog is predominantly about education. On this occasion though I will go as far as to urge you to vote. No one will hear you if you don’t vote but if you do then your vote could change everything. This is especially true of the young voters who are the least likely to vote. If you are young or if you know young people in your life then please ask them to vote.

The following link will help you decide who to vote for in your area should you wish to vote tactically. If you are in a swing seat then tactical voting can make a big difference to the outcome of the general election.

Here is the Labour party manifesto:

In the interest of fairness here is the Conservative manifesto:

The Green party manifesto:

The Liberal Democrats manifesto:


Watch Jon Snow explain why your vote matters here:

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