Pregnancy Week 34 – Hospital Bag? What Hospital Bag?

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I am 38 and 34 weeks pregnant with my third baby. This week I am not feeling organised.

Here I am at 34 weeks pregnant, pretty immobile and looking ready to pop yet I haven’t sorted out a single thing. When I was expecting my first son eleven years ago I was super organised. The fear of the unknown drove me to buy everything baby related that I saw and everything labelled ‘mum-to-be’. I had oodles of potions, lotions and creams. I had a plethora of neatly folded, pre-washed, line dried baby clothes and tiny blue baby shoes all waiting to be used by my cute little baby to be. What I realise now is that most of the stuff I acquired was useless and served no other purpose than to clutter up the house.

Babies vomit on most things most of the time. The neatly folded clothes were quickly disrupted as I rummaged for another baby-grow fifteen times a day. The baby bath was too heavy to empty so baby was washed in the sink – not with the dishes I might add. The mum-to-be products collected dust over the months until their place on the windowsill was replaced by ‘baby-bum cream’ and the cot lay beautifully dressed yet untouched for months.

Having been through the whirlwind that is the early days with a newborn twice already, I know what I need this time around. Mainly little squares of muslin cloth to keep on my shoulder to catch sick, nappies, cotton wool, baby-grows and for me – many more loose fitting tops with easy access buttons.

However I haven’t bought a thing yet let alone organised our bedroom to accommodate the cot. I just keep putting the shopping trip off – I am just not that stressed about it. I feel like I should be though.

I had a look at prams a week ago but was utterly unimpressed. They were all style over substance which is of no use to me when I’m chasing the boys down a muddy hill or cobble stoned incline. So what have I done about a pram? Nothing.

As for the hospital bag, well the bag is out of the wardrobe but it is devoid of any contents. All I need is a couple of baby things, some deodorant (maternity wards are sweaty places), an enormous pile of disposable granny style knickers, a pair of slippers, nightwear (with easy access buttons of course) and something large and loose to come home in. That won’t take long to organise will it?

 From experience though all that my baby will really need is love, warmth and breast feeding – everything else is superfluous.

What are your must have items to get for life with a newborn?

How I am Feeling.

Heavy, very heavy. My hips are painful but I find that walking helps. The only issue with this is that walking is troublesome now too – what’s a girl to do?

My Family.

My 5 year old is concerned about my inability to jump at the moment. I have assured him that once his sister is here I will be back to leaping around the park with him but until then he will just have to ‘frog-up’ by himself.

Home Education.

I have been busy writing their home education plans for the next year, locating and organising their materials and setting up the work room. The plans will be on the blog site over the weekend for you to peruse and hopefully offer some help to those looking for resources.  I am not sure why I sorted the workroom as it will soon be covered in brick dust as we have some work done to the house. Maybe I was just avoiding organising my hospital l bag, eh?

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