Prestwich Home Education Group – After Pizza there was Play.

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It has certainly been one of those jam packed home education days for us today. We started the day at   our local Pizza Express restaurant where the boys were booked on to a pizza making workshop. Another home educating mum who is (it must be said) very good at organising events had sorted this little culinary session out a while ago and we must say a very big thank you to her for that. 
The children had an excellent time as they learnt how to roll dough, spread sauce and top their very own pizzas whilst all clad in fabulously rustley plastic aprons and chefs hats. There were sadly a few ‘no-shows’ but it meant that the children were able to make extra pizzas – Theo was allowed to make a pizza for his dad which filled him with pride. They really did have a great time and the staff at Pizza Express in Sedgley Park were incredibly accommodating, enthusiastic and welcoming – they deserve a big thank you too. 
The best part for all concerned was in the tasting – my how they loved those margaritas. My boys ate a few slices inside the restaurant and then protectively carried their boxes with them on the walk to Heaton Park. 
The pizza workshop ended slightly earlier than we had all expected no doubt because the children were so good at making pizzas, so we arrived at the park quite a bit ahead of the scheduled start time. The boys took the opportunity to eat their pizzas in one of the play areas and were quickly joined by six very noisy crows (possibly jack-daws) who seemed to like the smell of oregano rather too much. Theo threw his crusts to the birds who ‘caw-cawed’ loudly in celebration and this had the effect of encouraging other woodland creatures to joint the play parks Italian feast. It quickly became like a scene from a Disney film as squirrels, ducks and various birds skipped about looking for pizza if it hadn’t been for an old woman and her dog causing a disturbance I am convinced that a deer and or possibly a thumping bunny rabbit would have appeared soon after. 
We met up with two other home educating families who had also arrived early after the pizza workshop  and decided to head to the classroom even though there was still an hour until the start time. One family have only just started their home schooling journey and it was a real pleasure to meet both mum and children today – we hope to see them all again soon. 
I admit that until earlier this week I had forgotten about the pizza class and when I discovered that it was this week I believed initially that it was going to overlap with the group meet up. A little mum led confusion ensued and to cut a long Facebook centred story short, a few people were unable to attend as they had made other arrangements believing the group to be cancelled. These things happen and as someone said to me recently- the role of organiser can be a tricky one sometimes. So the attendance was low today but it didn’t stop the children who did come from having fun. They played with the games , train tracks and magnets together and the mums chatted which was just what I needed after a difficult week. 
I wanted to do some woodland based art and crafts today but they weather was quite bad so we decided to stay in the classroom. The only thing missing was a cup of tea as our group kettle set on fire a couple of weeks ago and a replacement hasn’t been acquired – finding a cheap, fire retardant kettle is number one on my list of priorities for next week. 
We visited the animals after the classroom session and were treated to a peacock display, cockerel song and were watched by an over enthusiastic goat who eyed us all up menacingly. A couple of us wandered down to the woodland garden to see if anything had sprouted and as they boys all played in the stream, the other mum and I looked for evidence of new shoots. I was delighted to find that the fairy ring has started to grow however the other plot is somewhat bereft of flowery life yet – I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.
Next week we will collect twigs, sticks and other interesting things from the forest floor and turn them in to beautiful objects to hang around the woodland. I will also sort out the kettle situation so that the poor mums are not left tea-less again. Most excitingly of all though is that on her way home back passed the classroom one of the mums and her children were introduced to some new chicks and ducklings and next week all the children are invited to visit these lovley new additions to the park. We can visit them every week and watch how they grow and change which I am sure will be a great learning experience for us all. 

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