Review of the Schofield & Sims Resources for both KS1 & KS2

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We used a variety of resources from Schofield & Sims during the last academic year. Find out how we got on with them here.

The main resources we used came from Schofield & Sims. We had workbooks for both key stage 1 and key stage 2 children and used these for our core subjects of English, Maths ans Science.

Core Curriculum for a 9-10 year old (KS2 Resources)


  • Schofield & Sims English Practice KS2 Workbook which goes hand in hand with 7 topic workbooks which are: Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Vocabulary, Reading & Writing Poetry, Reading & Writing Fiction and Reading & Writing Non Fiction.;The Practice book contains the type of information that you would find in a textbook. It has workbook style activities, which will enabled me to break the sessions into bite-size chunks to ensure that my eldest was not overwhelmed. The targeted topic workbooks kept him very focused. We are still working through the last pages of all of the workbooks as we would take a topic, discuss it, research and practice the topic and then he would complete the relevant page in the relevant workbook. Over all this series worked very well for us.
  • Schofield & Sims ‘A Time to Speak’ Poetry Course with poems selected by Celia Warren. We used this book along with the teacher’s guide. The poems are all selected to sit around the central theme of time including birth and death, war and peace and weeping and laughter. The book itself is beautiful and contains some of my favourite poems. I used ‘A Time To Speak & a Time to listen’ Teachers Guide, which was  invaluable. There are excellent activity suggestions and detailed speaking and listening notes contained in the teachers guide. I supplemented each poem with a home-made worksheet inspired by the suggestions in the teacher’s guide. We really enjoy using this resource and will be continuing to use it for the next year.
  • Schofield & Sims Spelling Series Workbooks 3-6  gave him extensive spelling practice.The Teacher’s Guide and the Teachers Resource Book supplemented this course extremely well. The resource book contains copyable work sheets and word lists which can be used for playing games and other fun activities. The guide has proved very useful keeping  me on track as I took him through the programme. The guide contains notes for the teacher and activity suggestions including dictations, which I will used to help him remember the spellings. We still have books 5-6 to go through.
  • Schofield & Sims Ks2 Comprehension Book 4 and the Teachers Guide to support this. Theo’s level of comprehension is quite high so we started at the highest level in this particular series. The teachers guide has detailed notes for each text and further activities. There clear record sheets have been useful for recording his progress. I used the comprehension tasks a little out of order as certain extracts sat alongside project work we were doing at the time. The comprehension books have been good for focusing my eldest. Each task takes about half an hour which is just enough.
  • Schofield & Sims English Skills 5 & 6. These are books of tests to help children apply their knowledge of word roots and origins. The accompanying Answer Book is a very useful tool, which gives the key focus for each text, answers and sample answers for questions where the answer is open to interpretation by the child. We intended to use these but only dipped into the first book. I decided to postpone this series until this year as it will be used by me to make sure that he has a good understanding of the work already covered.


  • Schofield & Sims Math’s Practice Workbook which goes hand in hand with: Adding & Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing, Fractions, Decimals & Percentages, Number, Pattern & Early Algebra, Problem Solving, Shape, Space and Measure, Graphs, Charts & Data. The practice book contains textbook style information along with workbook style activities. Theo worked through the entire series and enjoyed the workbook approach. I supplemented the workbooks with additional resources to ensure he fully grasped the concepts.
  • Schofield & Sims Mental Arithmetic Books 5 & 6. The book is helping him develop his mental arithmetic skills and comprise of number based questions, questions using number vocabulary and word based problems. The Answer Book also has progress tests and the correct answers. We used book 5 last year and will use book 6 this year.
  • Schofield & Sims Maths Progress Papers books 1-3, which are aimed at getting a child ready for the 11+ ages 10-12. There are over 80 topic areas covered in the books through which mathematical knowledge and skills are developed and consolidated. There are progress charts included with the tests, which we will use periodically to asses his over all mathematical progress. We only used book 1 and will go on to use the robust book 2 + 3 this year.


  • Schofield & Sims Understanding Science Workbooks: Our Bodies, Animals and Plants, Using Materials, Changing Materials, Light, Sound and Space and Forces & Electricty. The workbooks contain textbook style information and also have workbook style activities. We used these alongside conducting practical experiments in these topic areas. He really enjoyed these books and was able to research the topics which grabbed his attention. They have attractive illustrations and diagrams and are very engaging.
Core curriculum for 5-6 year old


  • Schofield & Sims Daisy Lane Home-School Readers. He began with the foundation series and he focused on the key words within each book. He quickly worked through both levels of series as his reading ability took hold. We had finished with the books within a few weeks but I would recommend them for children who are just beginning to show an interest in learning to read. The stories are charming and fun.
  • Schofield & Sims Sound Phonics Phase One – Phase Six (10 books in total).Accompanying this series I used Schofield & Sims ‘Sound Phonics Rhymes for Reading” which comprises of a range of simple poems. It is designed to be dipped into and provide young children with the opportunity to practice their reading skills and memory skills. The Schofield & Sims Teachers Guide is incredibly detailed with ideas for multi-sensory play, fun games and activities and helpful notes to support the teaching of the Phonics resources. I also have the Schofield & Sims ‘Teachers Resource Book which is jam packed with photocopiable masters to support the activities suggested by the Teachers Guide. There are also record keeping resources included in this book which helped me to keep track of his progress. The books get progressively more challenging so where the first few workbooks focus on the initial sounds and phonemes the later books introduce writing practice and spelling. He will use the later phases this year.
  • Schofield & Sims Spelling Series Workbooks 1 & 2. These are from the same series that I used with his older brother.  The spellings were introduced slowly. The Teacher’s Guide and the Teachers Resource Book supplemented this course extremely well. The resource book contains copyable work sheets and word lists which can be used for playing games and other fun activities.We only used book 1 and will go on to use book 2 this year.
  • Schofield & Sims Early Comprehension Books  1-3. The workbooks are graded activity books to help develop an ability to make sense of pictures and text. The books offer sequencing and reading activities and they were an opportunity for him to practice his writing. He loved using these books and we luckily have a little remaining work to finish in the last book.


  • Schofield & Sims Number Books 1-5. Each workbook will help him learn basic calculation skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The books are a good transition for him from his early maths learning and will offer him a little more challenge. He has worked through the first three books and enjoyed every second. These are ideally suited to young learners and he is looking forward to completing the series.
  • Schofield & Sims Key Maths 1-5. These are similar to the Number Books but with more focus on trickier mathematical concepts such as algebra, money and measures. There are lots of fun activities to complete, which he really enjoyed. Books 4 & 5 remain to be completed this year.
  • Schofield & Sims First Mental Arithmetic 1-3. The books are aimed at KS1. The workbooks are visually stimulating and provide activities to test his understanding of mathematical concepts. I was surprised at how much he enjoyed this style of mathematical problem solving. This is by far his favourite maths workbook even though it can be a little challenging for a 5 year old.


  • Schofield & Sims All About Me series. He joined  in with many of the topics studied by Theo, but  also used these books to supplement his learning. There are four workbooks in the series; Parts of the Body, Using Sense, Favorite Things and Looking After Yourself. They are cross curricular books designed to reinforce early skills and conceptual understanding. They are filled with illustrations and fun activities that are just very enjoyable for a youngster. He is a little sad to have completed the series which just shows how engaging they are.

We also used two series of books called Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning. The Rapid non-verbal reasoning books are brilliant. Rapid Reasoning Tests provides short, effective, timed tests in reasoning. They are written by experienced teachers and designed for independent use, this series comprises six books of verbal reasoning tests and six books of non-verbal reasoning tests. Each book contains pull-out answers.The activities are based on shape and pattern recognition and really help with mental agility. My 5 year old has worked on book 1 at the same time as his older brother has worked through the higher level books.The rapid Reasoning Verbal workbooks give children language based problems to solve. They focus on word and letter problems, number problems and problem solving.  The first book will be used by my youngest this coming year whilst my eldest has already worked through book 3. The books have helped my 10 year old approach more complex problems and these skills have come in extremely useful for him across the rest of his studies.


The range available from Schofield & Sims provided us with a comprehension core curriculum for both children. The workbook style means that children can easily work independently even at a young age and quickly gain confidence in a variety of subjects. I used the books in addition to lessons I provided on the various topics covered in the books. By using the books in this way I could check my children’s level of comprehension within each subject area. School children would gain immense benefit from the range of workbooks especially in the run up to SAT’s.


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