I am in love with the new sink.

Starting Off Not As We Mean To Go On

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It’s only the first week of January and already my head is spinning. I was organised, believe me when I say that last week I was.

I’d broken the ice with both of my diaries ( one for bloggyness and one for home ed life) and neatly planned out the week. I was ‘with-it’, ‘on-target’, ready to start 2017 with a clear head and calm demeanour.

Then we ripped out the kitchen.

The old kitchen was just that – old. The cupboards were tired fake oak, the beige flooring was blrgh and there wasn’t any space for a dishwasher. We have managed with it for years because, lets face it, ripping out a kitchen is a daunting prospect especially when there are children to feed. We now find ourselves bereft of a kitchen entirely as we are in stage one – operation smash-it-to-pieces.

I have found that throwing pretty much every item of crockery I owned into a skip has been extremely cathartic. Launching old mis-matched oven ware and odd plastic containers ( I always thought I’d make Lego jelly with that bit of mini-figure packaging – as if) tempers the stress of having the remainder of the kitchen contents in the backroom. The table remains an oasis of normality in a desert of utter chaos.  Not only are there boxes containing food balanced on the sofa but the room is now also rapidly filling up with new appliances in huge brown boxes. There is everything but the kitchen sink in the room – the new porcelain sink is sitting expectantly in the kitchen waiting for its time to shine.

Home education has resumed loosely. Aside from the kitchen we are still struggling to leave Christmas behind us this year. The tree is still up and to be honest it may remain there until the kitchen is complete. I don’t have the room to fill another box with the decorations nor the inclination. Seeing the soft, twinkly glow of the fairy lights in the evening gives me a lovely warm feeling so there they will stay for a while. The boys have been reading, avidly. My 12-year-old is reading the Brian Cox book he received from his Grandad for Christmas and my lovely 7-year-old has flitted from book to book. He has also been keen to help my husband with the kitchen work unlike Theo who detests manual work with all his heart.

Where are we with the refurbishment?

  • The wall units, cooker, hob, washer and two base units have gone.
  • The gas has been capped off professionally by a Corgi registered plumber.
  • The appliances have arrived.
  • We have chosen white floor tiles as the kitchen area is quite dark.
  • The white units have all been purchased.
  • The washer and dryer have been plumbed into the converted garage by my husband – I have a utility room! I am so excited about this.

The plan is to have the kitchen fitted by Tuesday of next week – that’s a week to do everything ourselves. Easy.

I am now on the hunt for gorgeous plates and general crockery as well as pans that will work with an induction hob.  I don’t want to spend a fortune because I don’t have one to spend – do you have any great recommendations?

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