The Pregnant Home Educator – 20 Week Scan

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After what seemed like an enormously long wait today finally arrived – the day of my 20 week scan.

I was filled with trepidation about the scan as any number of heart breaking scenarios could be revealed. The baby would be measured and assessed to ensure that its development was within the expected boundaries so what if,  just what if there was something wrong?

By the time we arrived at the clinic I was quite giddy which is how I get in situations where I am nervous or ill at ease. Luckily I was accompanied by my darling husband and my ten year old who took my mind off things by having a heated conversation about the plot loopholes in Maze Runner.

The scan took about fifteen minutes as the ultrasound scan technician carefully measured parts of the baby including the brain, spine and as she checked that all four heart chambers were formed properly and that they were functioning. We were relieved to find out that baby number three is perfect in every way from the beautifully formed head to the rapidly beating heart, our little darling is fine.

We then asked the question –   ‘ can you tell the sex of the baby?’

The technician had a good look again and told us that in her opinion she was 85% sure (the umbilical cord was between the legs) that this one is a girl! That’s right we have a girl on the way which is utterly marvelous. There is a chance that it is a boy but given that I have felt so awful with this pregnancy compared to how I felt with the boys I am quite confident that the scan technician is correct. The prospect of buying a few flowery dresses seems quite magical.

How I am feeling.

I am very tired as my sleeping patterns are shockingly bad – I’m talking four to five hours a night. Taking day time naps is impossible as my brain simply knows that it isn’t night time and refuses to switch off. I’ve taken to having no screen time an hour before bed and drinking a large hot malted drink which helps initially but when 3am arrives I invariably wake. The rare nights when I make it through until 6 or 7am are cause for celebration and leave me feeling invigorated. I actually believe  that I will feel more rested once my baby arrives because at least then I can snuggle up to her and have a good sleep.

I am ultra paranoid about cholestasis this time and keep imagining that I feel itchy. I have to remind myself that the itch associated with the condition is very intense so I will know about it when it happens.

Other than the physical annoyances I am feeling elated tonight now that I know that SHE is okay.

My family.

They are as happy as I am. The boys are excited by the idea of welcoming a female into the currently very masculine household. My husband is extremely pleased as are our parents. My father has offered to buy  a pink pram which is kind if not a little too far along the overly feminine route for me. Maybe something that isn’t black or dark green this time though – suggestions for sturdy three wheelers that can do some serous millage but still look good are welcome.

Home education.

The boys continue to be amazingly empathetic and care for me whenever I look weary. They bring me drinks, give me enormous hugs and inquire about my well being constantly – it makes my heart melt. In the workroom together we have kept busy even though it is half term for many of their friends. Their home education continues unhindered by my pregnancy now. Tristan has taken to reading book after book in bed at night inspired I am sure by his big brother. He is currently rather enjoying working his way through a non fiction book about big cats and I very much enjoy hearing what he has to tell me the following morning about his latest feline discovery.

To sum up my thoughts about this week all I really have to say is – it’s a girl!


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