The Pregnant Home Educator Week 21 – Baby You’re Making me Hungry

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I am 38 and 21 weeks pregnant with my third baby. Each week I keep you posted about how I am feeling, how my family are adjusting and whether my pregnancy is having an impact on our home education.

Since last weeks anomaly scan the days have flown by and I find myself all of a sudden 21 weeks pregnant sporting a rather pronounced bump. I am at the stage where people begin to notice that I’m expecting and confidently stop me to congratulate me. Until this point I have just caught glimpses of people quizzically looking at my tummy area wondering to themselves if they should ask if I am pregnant or whether they might offend me in case I have simply ingested too many pies. It has tempted me on a number of occasions to ‘mess’ with people for my own comic gratification by feigning anger when they ask and stating that I in fact have a doughnut addiction but that would be unfair. There was an occasion at the weekend when a man I hadn’t seen for months stopped on the opposite side of the road, pointed at his tummy, pointed at me and then mimed a pregnant belly which culminated with him rubbing his own gut. He could have perhaps considered crossing the road to politely ask if I was pregnant rather than entering into his elaborate display. In my head I pointed at his stomach, mimed scoffing lots of food, rubbed my tummy and finished by giving him the thumbs up as if to say ‘nice fat belly you have acquired recently too’ but I of course didn’t do this. I smiled, nodded and went about my business instead.

How I am feeling

The weariness continues. My evening routine is now incredibly dull as once the children are in bed and I have tidied up I slink off to bed myself. I either write as I lie in my pit drinking copious amounts of warm malted milk or watch something on the ipad for a little while before dozing off. ┬áSleep continues to evade me during the small wee hours – I refer to them as wee hours not in the sense of the colloquial Scottish meaning of the word but because from 3am my bladder goes into overdrive.

The biggest change this week is in my appetite – it is insatiable. I could quite honestly eat the quantity of food one might expect a 21 stone body builder to consume as opposed to a previously 8 1/2 stone woman. Breakfast has amused me the most this week as no matter how many branflakes I put in my bowl it is never enough. I added two bananas to my cereal this morning but it didn’t touch the sides so I munched my way through two pieces of wholemeal toast but I was still hungry. In the finish I had to eat some yogurt, apple and a pain au chocolate before I felt ready to cope with the day. The Hungry Caterpillar could almost be my biography although thankfully I am not green.

My Family

Girls names have been hot on the agenda for the boys this week. My five year old has settled on either ‘Twilight Sparkle’ or ‘Amy Pond’ and refuses to accept that his sister is in all likelihood not going through her life with either of these names.

Grandparents have started purchasing pink clothes – for the baby not for themselves. I am a little worried about this trend for two reasons. Firstly there is a 15% chance that our baby could be a boy and secondly I am not convinced that little girls need to be decked out in head-to-toe pastel pink.

Home education

I’ve returned as the ‘lets do it all’ home ed mum this week and have been helping the boys conduct experiments, write stories, read, visit their friends and we even went swimming. I enjoyed swimming hugely not just because it offered me some relaxation but I had a ball helping my youngest swim unaided and watching my ten year old crawl around under the water. Even though I am shattered we are out again later this week but I want to pack in as many outdoor adventures as I can before I am possibly on bed rest.


  1. sarahelisabeth

    You seem to be doing an amazing amount despite the tiredness.

    We had experience of being the 15%. We were told that one of our children would be a girl but at birth, he quite definitely wasn’t! Interestingly, I didn’t have another scan after the anomaly scan so the gender wasn’t rechecked. We do have girls and the pink for babies then the little girls love pink phase goes on for a very long time. It is almost a relief when aged six or so they start to hate pink.

  2. Princesspoet

    Hi! I remember feeling that way! I felt bad for wanting another breakfast as I’d usually have the first one at 6am – because I’d woken up famished! I think you are doing so well. I found my second pregnancy really hard with E about. Couldn’t imagine home edding too! Right now I’m hoping L just tags along as we do E’s home edding !

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