The Pregnant Home Educator Week 24 – Hipsastic

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38 years old and pregnant with my third. At week 24 I’m feeling hipsastic.

Hiptastic? I’m trying to put a positive spin on the pain that I’m now in. My hips are causing me to wince seemingly every time I move now which is nice. When I get out of bed in the morning I feel as though I’m getting a sneak preview of my life as an eighty year old – all creeks, cracks and groans. It’s not sexy, it really isn’t.

I remembered a few days ago that in my second pregnancy I suffered with the wonderfully named symphysis pubis dysfunction – SPD for short. As seems to be the case with the advice and information I get with each subsequent pregnancy, the name of this condition has changed. It’s pelvic girdle pain these days – I’m not sure which one sounds worse. Basically the gap in my pubic bone widens more than it should causing pain and a weird grinding sensation when I move – delightful.

It feels much worse in the morning so I  am forced to hobble around the house like a zombie. After a hectic day with the kids it’s also agony so early nights are a must.

I have found relief though in the swimming pool. Too much actual swimming makes it worse but a little with the aid of a float helps. I could happily loll around in a pool all day but cash restraints being what they are, an hour has to do.

We go to a private pool which sounds terribly grand, doesn’t it? At this stage in my pregnancy I don’t have the patience to politely deal with other people getting in my way – I might snap and drown someone so a pool just for us is much more suited to my narky temperament. The pool we use is only a fifteen minute walk away which serves as exercise for me too. Keeping moving helps everything sleep, blood pressure, risk of disaster – I do as much as I can everyday.

How I’m Feeling. 

Hungry, hot and thirsty – oh and in agony ( see above).

My Family.

They are sympathetic to my ‘walking like a cowboy’ but I know they also find it amusing. I can’t blame them – my gait is ridiculous.

Home Education.

My two boys (10 & 5) are very happy with the increased swimming lessons. My pain is benefiting them no end. We’ve conducted numerous experiments this week and visited their friends – I’m determined that this pregnancy won’t stop us getting out and about. I might end up directing adventures from a wheelbarrow in the near future but for now I’m managing.

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