The Pregnant Home Educator Week 25 – Mysophobic Madness

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I’m 38 and pregnant again for the third time. It is week 25 and I am feeling frenetic.

There’s something about pregnancy that makes you ultra paranoid about everything – or is it just me? The ever changing literature and advice about what is acceptable to do and eat doesn’t help. It makes your head spin. I am constantly wondering whether I have eaten too much fish, not eaten enough spinach or failed to drink my twentieth gallon of water for the day. These problems alone stress me out far more than perhaps they should but this week these worries have been joined by another beast.

Germs and illness.

I’ve become a germ super sleuth. My hawk eyes and acute hearing can locate the source of a sneeze or cough in nano seconds. You should see how fast I can move when this occurs – I’m pretty agile for an achy-hipped, large-bellied thirty eight year old in flip-flops. Avoiding other people and their viruses has become priority number one.

Number two on the list is avoiding places heaving with tiny toddlers. From experience I know that small humans leek germs from practically every orifice and if you’re surrounded in a play centre then it’s game over. From now on there is no more soft play which is actually a bit of a lie because we never go anyway – the places smell of cheesy feet.

I am avoiding reading any article which pertains to still birth causing viruses and alike. There is little mileage in exposing myself to even more germ related information as it will only be the cause of more anxiety. A headline which merely hints at a pregnancy related viral problem swirls around in my head conjuring up all sorts of nightmarish scenarios. For this reason they are best avoided altogether.

And chicken – don’t even get me started on chicken. It’s off the menu until I can dust off my ability for rational thought once my baby has arrived.

From hence forth there is more hand washing, less bacteria covered meat stuffs and most certainly a concerted effort to avoid crowded places for fear of plague.

How I’m Feeling.

Protective. I think all of the illogical germ related nonsense is based in the growing lioness-like need to protect this growing little baby.

The hip pain, tiredness, irritability and forgetfulness continue unimpaired. Yey!

My Family.

The pink clothing continues to arrive despite my reminders that there is always the chance that ‘she’ could be a ‘he’. Everyone seems to have accepted my idiosyncrasies and are kindly choosing to ignore them.

Home Education.

Despite my reservations because of another silly article I read about swimming pools (urine related) we have continued to go swimming. This week we went with another home educating family which was fun for all. I am most energetic between ten and two so we pack in as much as we can during these hours. The rest of the day is spent at home reading, painting or drawing.

Have you or did you become more aware of germs and illness during your pregnancy? Is there anything that really brings you out in a cold sweat or are you constantly as cool as a cucumber? 



  1. Katie Clark

    I was exactly the same – in fact I was perhaps the most paranoid person on the planet! We enjoyed swimming too 🙂

  2. Gemma - @mumofabean

    Fab post, but you have just reminded me that I didn’t enjoy being pregnant!! I was so incredible anxious about everything (especially about the she could be a he dilemma) that I just couldn’t enjoy it!! I hope, germ worrying aside, you have a lovely pregnancy and enjoy it more than I did x

  3. Emily

    I wasn’t too worried about germs etc when I was pregnant. Of course I was sensible about it all, but it wasn’t until our twins were born prematurely that I became paranoid about them. Probably went overboard about it, but they’re three now and perfectly healthy. Would love to hear more about the home-schooling, but think I’ll stay away from the swimming (urine) article as it may put me off for life! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

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